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Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam
The objective of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port’s competitive position as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex. Not only in terms of size, but also with regard to quality. The core tasks of the Port Authority are to develop, manage and exploit the port in a sustainable way and to render speedy and safe services for shipping. Port Authority: 1,100 employees, turnover approx. € 675 million. www.portofrotterdam.com Port area: 12,500 ha port area (land & water, of which ca. 6,000 ha industrial sites). The length of the port area is over 40 km. Employment: 175,000 jobs. Goods throughput: approx. 460 million tonnes of goods per annum. Shipping: approx. 30,000 ocean-going vessels and 110,000 inland vessels per annum. Added value: (direct and indirect): over €20 billion, 3% of GDP.

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Website: www.portofrotterdam.com