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LogiChem Innovation Briefing 2020

The European chemical industry is worth €673 billion industry and the world’s top exporter and importer of chemicals, with a record €49.1 billion trade surplus in 2012.The market for chemical products is expected to grow to some 5.6 trillion euros by 2035, more than doubling its current size.To help you get a better idea of how industry leaders have been stepping up the game, we’ve compiled an array of articles investigating how the most innovativemanufacturers are streamlining the process.

Siemens: Chemical Logistics

What does it take to ensure a highly effective combination of logistics services and solutions in Chemistry 4.0? How can the complex elements of the supply chain and the associated management tasks be put into a simple formula? Which digital applications and functions can be used to optimize logistics and intralogistics in supply processes? This white paper by Siemens Digital Logistics shows you a wide range of possibilities that arise from the combination of efficient logistics and modern IT in the chemical industry.

Reliability, Visibility and Quick Delivery: Building Resilience into the Supply Chain, a 2019 Report

Consumers in the modern world have the luxury of speedier deliveries and better visibility than many would have thought possible even 15 years ago. For chemical companies though, logistics has not entirely kept pace, and a wealth of complex factors can still wreak havoc. Supply chains need to be flexible enough to withstand the unexpected. In Q4 of 2018 WBR Insights and Alpega surveyed 100 VPs of Supply Chain from chemical companies across Europe to find out more about the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they bring to the table.

Excellence in Chemical Logistics

The global market for chemicals is expected to double by 2035, up from 2.6 trillion Euros in 2015.However, the path for European companies seeking to capitalise on this growth is not clearly defined.Leading up to the LogiChem 2017 conference we wanted to investigate those responsible for the chemical supply chain in Europe are facing up to these new challenges.Get your copy of ‘Excellence in Chemical Logistics’

Digital Transformation in the Chemicals Industry

SAP’s approach to enabling this digital transformation is to provide the digital-ready platform, the high-performance applications, and the connected business networks necessary to rapidly and securely execute new business models, extend value chains, and engage with customers, employees, and partners like never before. Take a look at 'Digital Transformation in the Chemicals Industry' to be inspired to shape a digital world to fuel profitable growth, safely deliver innovative chemicals, and build customer intimacy like never before.

Success is your reward … in case you concentrate on culture and behavior!

Success is your reward … in case you concentrate on culture and behavior! Leon van der Loo - Industry Lead at Möbius Business Redesign discusses the following topics in this report. Why do many S&OP’s fail or are companies not satisfied with them? Why do most attempts to collaborate in logistics services fail? Why do many Operational Excellence implementations fail or cease to exist after a few years?

Intelligent Enterprise Proposition for the Chemical Industry

In the current period of rapid change, the chemical industry has recognized that it must embrace the proliferation and confluence of digital technologies to overcome the significant challenges it now faces. Extreme global competition, increasing regulation and market uncertainty, the need to perpetually consolidate and optimize the business portfolio to enable profitable growth, the accelerating compression of product lifecycles, and shifting demand patterns and channels to key markets are putting a drag on shareholder returns, asset utilization and efficient resource allocation while driving the need for outcome-oriented, perpetual portfolio innovation in order to grow

EY Point of view: Where will we see the next wave of consolidation in chemicals?

As part of the EY organization’s deal origination effort,1 we have had numerous conversations with senior executives and experts in the chemical sector over the last 24 months. In many of those conversations, we were asked about our view on the significant M&A activity in the chemical sector (e.g., in agriculture and industrial gases) and where or how we believe this M&A activity would continue. The following point of view for chemicals tries to answer the question of where we will see the next wave of consolidation in the chemical sector. This point of view is not meant to be an academic piece of work, but rather a practitioner view based on our sector knowledge and experience.

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