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At LogiChem we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

Here’s How the Chemical Industry is Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis

As the world continues to react to the sudden and rapid spread of the coronavirus and the associated COVID-19 disease, the levels of uncertainty are growing every day. Here in the UK, we are coming to the end of our third week in lockdown and it seems unlikely the restrictions will be lifted anytime soon.

DuPont's Sustainable Operations Management Solutions

Global operations management consulting firm DuPont advises leading organizations on safety and sustainable operational & production cost reduction.

New Challenges for BASF: Brexit and the US/China Trade War

As Brexit and the US-China trade war raise business uncertainties, BASF dives into fresh innovative avenues in the UK and expands its presence in Asia.

Freight Rail Providers are Improving Interoperability to Avoid Another Rastatt

Consumers in the modern world have the luxury of speedier deliveries and better visibility than many would have thought possible even 15 years ago. For chemical companies though, logistics has not entirely kept pace, and a wealth of complex factors can still wreak havoc..

How Top Chemical Companies are Going Digital to Increase Supply Chain Visibility

With the amount of EU regulations rocketing and buyers outsourcing labour to the East, keeping up with the competition will be more difficult than ever before. We surveyed 101 heads of supply chain management to find out how they’re adapting and what challenges they’re up against.

Here's How to Stay Competitive In the Face of Costly EU Regulations

Chemical companies are moving towards making the customer the focus of the supply chain. But this customer centricity can’t be achieved without substantial investment. We asked 101 heads of supply chain and logistics management what they’re doing to deal with growing customer demand. Read on to find out what they said.

Release The Value Locked Up In Your Supply Chain

What we’ve seen in recent years with the new reality of lower oil prices and increased concern regarding emissions is that the margins have really dropped. This makes it crucial to optimize the entire oil and gas value chain.

Here’s How ExxonMobil is Working to Address the Gender Imbalance in Supply Chains

ExxonMobil’s oil and gas business is carried out – the company firmly believes that identifying and investing in women-owned companies not only makes sense from a position of equality, but yields tangible benefits to the communities in which they live.

Here’s How Shell and Toyota are Looking to Renewable Energy to Create a More Sustainable Supply Chain

The recipients of $8 million of the fund was Equilon Enterprises LLC – doing business as Shell Oil Products US (Shell), and Toyota – for its plans to build a hydrogen facility for freight at the Port of Long Beach. The facility will take the form of the world’s first ever hydrogen refuelling station for freight trucks.

Here’s How LyondellBasell Industries is Improving Its Supply Chain with a New Facility and More

From its new facility to new acquisitions and partnerships, LyondellBasell is making sure it can source everything it needs to continue its rise from the ashes and take its place among the world’s largest plastics, chemical, and refining companies.