LogiChem EU 2019

19 - 21 March, 2019

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam

+44 207 036 1378

Defining Your Future Chemical Supply Chain Strategy

The market for chemical products is expected to grow to 5.6 trillion euros by 2035, more than doubling its current size. As the industry grows, so do the demands of its customers, who are increasingly expectant of add-on services and functionality in the products they buy. This is why chemical companies are moving towards making the customer the focus of the supply chain. But this customer centricity can’t be achieved without substantial investment.

With the amount of EU regulations rocketing and buyers outsourcing labour to the East, keeping up with the competition will be more difficult than ever before. We surveyed 101 Heads of Supply Chain Management to find out how they’re adapting and what challenges they’re up against.

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