LogiChem 2018

March 20-March 22, 2018

Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam

+44 (0) 207 036 1378

Whitepapers and Reports

Excellence in Chemical Logistics

The global market for chemicals is expected to double by 2035, up from 2.6 trillion Euros in 2015.

However, the path for European companies seeking to capitalise on this growth is not clearly defined.

Leading up to the LogiChem 2017 conference we wanted to investigate those responsible for the chemical supply chain in Europe are facing up to these new challenges.

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Discover the 12 Best Practices for MRO Inventory Optimization

Determining the optimal stock levels for MRO spares should be a science, not an art. But for more organizations, it represents an impossible numbers game. Organisations without optimized inventory run the risk of overpaying and underperforming. By leveraging technology tools, automated processes and inventory management best practices to optimize MRO spares and consumables, asset-intensive organizations can consistently produce results like these: 15-25% reduction in funds invested in safety stock • 5-20% decrease in write-offs of surplus and obsolete stock • 10-25% fewer stock-outs, for improved availability and productivity • 10-25% drop in administrative costs for replenishing inventory • 33-66% less resource time spent managing inventory

Digital Transformation in the Chemicals Industry

SAP’s approach to enabling this digital transformation is to provide the digital-ready platform, the high-performance applications, and the connected business networks necessary to rapidly and securely execute new business models, extend value chains, and engage with customers, employees, and partners like never before. Take a look at 'Digital Transformation in the Chemicals Industry' to be inspired to shape a digital world to fuel profitable growth, safely deliver innovative chemicals, and build customer intimacy like never before.