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My LogiChem Story by Peter Devos:

Peter Devos
EMEA Supply Chain Strategy and Operations Lead

Peter's Story At a Glance

I first attended LogiChem in Geneva in 2001. I was attracted to the event because it was the first logistics forum focused on the chemical industry, which had different supply chain challenges compared to FMCG, Pharma & Tech- Service companies.

As part of my new EMEA Supply Chain Lead role I found LogiChem to be a unique benchmark opportunity ‘avant la lettre’, considering that the internet information flow was still very thin at that time.

After the first meeting, I realized our internal supply chain had to catch up on operational excellence across the different supply chain functions. We had been too much SAP project & Y2K focused (in 1999-2000) where we went through the typical SAP post implementation dip.

At the same time I learned that my peers were struggling with the same issues and felt that I was no longer on my own in the supply chain space looking for improvement. Being able to connect with them was a natural driver for me to come back year after year.


I have presented numerous times in 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010 when it came to a point where WBR asked me to replace Roger Moore as chairman. At that time I was already part of the advisory board based upon an invite from Roger.

LogiChem has definitely contributed to my personal network and I try to encourage new people to speak up at a conference & present their cases.

Today and certainly in the last years, they are many new ways of creating virtual networks through intranet forums, blogs, webinars however, do not underestimate the value of a real, face to face, personal network of people in the same industry.

I have helped my LogiChem contacts with career opportunities on different occasions, thanks to the valuable network of contacts I was able to make throughout the years.

I realized LogiChem was a good opportunity for me from the start, 15 years ago and that’s why I remained so loyal.


Supply Chain has changed drastically over the last 15 years and the change is going faster and faster driven by competitive pressures, globalization and technology. LogiChem was contributing to this change through their own SC research group and by picking out the right, most crucial supply chain topics over each of those 15 years.

Over the years LogiChem has done a great job in touching base with the industry, service providers and with the advisory board. Furthermore, the selection of the right 3PL and IT service providers has helped to ensure which solutions of those vendors fit into the chemical industry. There are great FCMG partners & business cases.