LogiChem EU 2020

08 - 10 September, 2020

De Doelen ICC Rotterdam

François Zehr, Global Transportation & Logistics Director at Cabot GmbH

François Zehr

Global Transportation & Logistics Director
Cabot GmbH

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining François.

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Conference Day Two - Wednesday 9 September 2020

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

10:00 AM Panel Discussion: What steps are chemical producers taking to drive greater sustainability and profitability?

·         How are increasingly sophisticated EDIs between customers and suppliers increasing transparency across the E2E supply chain in regards to life cycle analysis and co2 footprint?
·         How are real-time connections to inventory and increasing traceability from source to final product enabling producers to take a more sustainable and focused response to customer CSR and green compliance expectations?
·         How can increasing the levels of data exchanged between producers, customers and suppliers increase the use of  intermodal transports as well as opportunities for pooling and shared mobility in the near future?
·         What measures can be taken to ensure on-going sustainable transportation KPIs are achieved?

2:40 PM Case Study Interactive: How to increase intermodal working while managing environmental and infrastructure constraints

·         What impact have stringent climate change goals in china had on chemical logistics and what adaptations are underway?
·         How can the adoption of different modes in landlocked regions create greater harmonization in the movement of goods?
·         What operational processes and technology platforms have delivered greater efficiencies at in key intermodal hubs?
·         How have capacities of intermodal transport been assessed in each region and what bottlenecks have now been overcome?
·         How can you measure performance and what lessons have been learnt so far in  intermodal networks in the world?

Conference Day Three - Thursday 10th September 2020

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

10:00 AM Panel Discussion: How can Europe’s chemical leaders tackle the challenges of infrastructure weakness to increase intermodal transport opportunities for the chemical supply chain?

  • How is the EU working to increase multimodal transport use ahead of Horizon 2020?
  • What incentives, infrastructure and digital developments are already making a difference to current constraints in freight capacities?
  • How are countries across Europe strengthening their rail networks in a bid to reduce dependency on the roads?
  • How can chemical producers from SMEs through to major producers take advantage of these developments within their supply chain strategies?