LogiChem EU 2020

08 - 10 September, 2020

De Doelen ICC Rotterdam

Maarten Cornelissen, Global Supply Chain Strategy Leader at Tejin Aramid
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Maarten Cornelissen

Global Supply Chain Strategy Leader
Tejin Aramid

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Conference Day One - Tuesday 8 September 2020

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

11:20 AM Fireside Chat: The need for speed: How can supply chain leaders overcome the challenges of legacy systems and dated working practices to drive a competitive edge?

  • How do you identify what works and what to leave behind?
  • How can you increase opportunities for more effective operational performance in supply chain while in a state of transition?
  • What key data can make the difference when creating and revising existing supply chain strategies and roadmaps in a takeover or M&A scenario?
  • How can you ensure smooth and streamlined data integration with legacy systems?
  • What can be done to overcome legacy barriers to achieve true E2E visibility 

12:25 PM Fireside Chat: New ways of working - How can you increase diversity in your supply chain leadership to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge?

  • How can widening your talent pool in your supply chain functions benefit the wider business, customer base and the community at large? 
  • How can you identify existing barriers in the workforce and create the right recruitment and development roadmaps in your supply chain to overcome them?
  • How can having a greater breadth and depth of diversity, skillsets and backgrounds create greater levels of collaboration across the wider business and across a global customer and partner network?
  • What balance of strategy and pragmatism in management skills are required to manage and create a more diverse business? 
  • How can a focus on attracting a more diverse employee pool across the organisation support the wider hiring and retaining of existing talent?

2:05 PM Case Study Interactive: How to succeed and overcome key challenges from S&OP to the journey of an IBP implementation phase?

  • How to measure the effectiveness of your S&OP process and when to start the IBP conversation?
  • How to re-define reporting structures i.e. should S&OP teams report to commercial or supply chain functions?
  • What is the optimal integration level across the company?
  • What are they key digital tools and Innovative technologies worthy of on-going investment as part of your transition from S&OP to IBP? 

2:45 PM Case Study Interactive: How to re-design your supply chain operating model in a post M&A’s and organisational re-structure business environment

  • How to re-evaluate your  supply chain model to create a new roadmap that uses new company process and legacy organizational structures to your advantage
  • How to manage big picture change challenges whilst minimizing the impact on day-to-day work flows to maintain strong relationships with your suppliers and customers
  • How can you identify opportunities for implementing new digital processes during company re-organisation to drive greater cost and operational efficiencies?
  • How to best work with legacy stakeholders to acquire fresh talent and understand the best people and change management methodologies to adopt during organisation transformation?

3:45 PM Case Study: How to integrate statistical forecasts into your existing sales and operational planning process to drive greater synchronisation between business functions

  • How can you involve all key stakeholders from customers, partners and cross org functions in forecasting in order to collect more accurate data across the value chain?

  • How can you utilize and develop new ways of working, business processes and tech tools to gain greater clarity across the planning process and organisation as a whole?
  • How can you use cross functional collaboration to greatly improve the forecast process in order to move from short to long term plans?

  • How to identify and align the right demand data with sales forecasts to improve production agility and availability and factor in data on “unserved demand”?

Conference Day Three - Thursday 10th September 2020

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

12:15 PM Fireside Chat: What new skillsets, working cultures and levels of diversity and talent are required to drive the supply chain and chemical industry of the future, now?

  • How is technology and the millennial mind set coming together to disrupt a traditionally conservative industry?
  • How can you identify the right balance in your resource and talent pool to avoid losing valuable industry knowledge whilst still equipping your company with a competitive edge?
  • How can business leaders make the required changes to ensure they attract new talent and gain the competitive edge?
  • What are chemical producers doing to attract new talent in software engineering and data science away from tech companies and into the chemical industry?

12:45 PM Oxford Style Debate: TRUE or FALSE: Replacing the human workforce with machine learning is the only way to remain agile and respond to the customer demands of the future

Secure your front row seat as the conference room turns into a debate forum. Choose your position in the opening audience vote and then engage with industry experts as they present their motions, question the opposition, defend their point of view and conclude with their closing statements. Ultimately, the power is in your hands as you decide who delivered a knockout argument and claims debate victory; will your opinion change by the closing vote?