LogiChem 2021 Webinar Series

The LogiChem Webinar Series offers monthly updates from leading chemical companies and solution providers. Each month will tackle a different topic and offer polling and Q&A opportunities. Sign up for individual topics or the entire series to stay in touch with the LogiChem Community.

Various Dates (Below)
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10/12/2020 4:00pm CET
CLX Logistics Webinar: Data and process driven transport optimization, a case study
04/02/2021 4:00pm CET
Nunner Logistics Webinar
18/02/2021 4:00pm CET
Ocean Insights Webinar: A Visibility Injection for your Supply Chain Needs – an introduction to visibility data integration
15/04/2021 4:00pm CET
Orbit Logistics Webinar
06/05/2021 4:00pm CET
Nexxiot Webinar